Flexible analog mixing
-RCF’s next-generation F Series analog mixers build on a rich legacy, providing high-quality sound in five models ranging from 6- to 24-channel inputs. With an aesthetically pleasing interface and rugged connectors, F Series makes it easy to mix your music with minimal technical expertise. Housed in a rugged metal chassis, each mixer is fully balanced with low noise from input to output, independently controlled compressors* to limit signal peaks and a modern-sounding EQ.
Powerful digital FX and recording options
-16 studio-quality effects and multiple AUXes increase the musical power of the F Series. FX returns can route to AUXs for personal monitor mixes, while the buses and the control room panel can simplify complex routings.
-Recording your gigs and rehearsals is even easier with an onboard USB audio interface*, ready for 2-track playback or recording with a computer.
Workflow is fast and simple
-A compact and robust mixing console for any musician or audio enthusiast, the F Series is entirely conceived and designed by the RCF R&D team. With powerful routing capabilities, premium digital effects, and a stereo USB I/O, it has never been so enjoyable to create and mix.
Rugged construction
-Built to last, the F Series features a durable metal chassis with protective plastic bumpers on each side, making it easy to grab-and-go.
Durability over the years
-High-contrast graphics and knobs, premium quality connections and smooth controls increase usability.
Enhanced flexibility
-All models provide a balanced signal path from input to output for maximum control and sonic performance.
With a high-profile electronic design and low power consumption, the multi-voltage power supply makes the F Series perfect for worldwide use, giving you the flexibility to travel with your mixer anywhere.
More headroom, less noise
-Inspired by our E Series, our new F Series Mixers feature high-quality preamplifiers with phantom power, offering superior sound and dynamics. With a separate line input, line-level signals are less noisy than other consoles. F 24XR, F 16XR, and F 12XR models feature Hi-Z input level control for musical instruments such as acoustic instruments with piezo transducers, electric bass or guitars with stomp boxes.
Shape your sound
-The tonal balance is adjustable via the powerful F Series equalizer.
The F 24XR and F 16XR EQ feature a semi-parametric mid-band EQ with selectable frequency.
Single control compressors
-The F Series compressor is completely transparent and limits the dynamic range of any instrument and voice. Simply plug in the instrument or microphone, set your gain, and shape the sound by adjusting a single knob. Incredibly ease to use, the end result is musical, without compromising your sound.
24 bit effects
-RCF has selected 16 studio-quality effects, designed for everyday use when you need great quality FX processing without the need of an external FX unit.
– The F Series feature a powerful 20/27 bit PRO DSP FX effects engine packed with 24-bit effects such as Reverbs (halls, rooms, plates, spring), Delays (mono, stereo and multi-tap), Chorus, Flangers and Echo.
USB recording and playback
-Achieve pro-quality recordings straight to your computer. No need for external interfaces or multiple connections and levels to check. Just plug in a USB lead to a PC, or to your iPhone / iPad (2 or later) using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit / Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Select the USB routing and you have CD-quality recording and stereo playback, effortlessly. The driver-less Class Compliant design allows recording and playback from Windows, MacOs and iOS (through USB adapter) without any additional software.
Plug and play
-Forget the DI box, Hi-Z inputs are very useful when connecting low-current musical instruments.
Route your signals
-AUX sends can feed stage monitors and/or the PRO DSP FX, independent of the main mix. In addition to the input/output options, the F 12XR provides one stereo output BUS and two AUX sends while the F 24XR and F 16XR provide two stereo output BUSSES and 4 AUX sends.