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Banquet Hall Lighting Installation & Design in Los Angeles

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that no two banquet halls are the same. Every banquet hall requires different lighting designs to bring it to life. This is why we focus on designing and installing lighting systems that are incredibly flexible and fit into whatever event your client is holding at the banquet hall. Need to create a stunning atmosphere in your banquet hall? We can make this happen with our LED video walls, Moving head fixtures, stationary fixtures, special effects, and several other fully automated lighting solutions.

With 20 plus years of banquet hall/event venue lighting experience and thousands of satisfied clients, we have stocked superior products and provide only the best services to give our clients 100% satisfaction. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to bring any vision to life! No matter what, we harness the expertise and experience of our team of professionals to give every project the innovative approach and close attention to detail, it needs to deliver perfect results. It’s a perfect service delivery from consultancy to design stages to after-sales support, whether you need the lighting for weddings, receptions, birthdays, or other events.

Custom-designed lighting solutions for you

We always take the time out to deliver lighting systems that fit your unique needs. This is why a core part of our mandate is to offer comprehensive consulting services where we study the venue and come up with custom solutions you will love. We take lighting very seriously, and our job is not done until you are 100% satisfied with the output. Our LED and gas bulb fixture options for banquet halls are unlike anything you have ever seen and are just what you need for permanent lighting fixtures in your event halls. With us, you will be getting:

  • Full-service sales
  • Custom-designed lighting system
  • Design and consulting services
  • Amazing after-sale support

At Acue Express, no job is too big or too small for us. We have lighting solutions for every budget and will bring your creative vision to life just the way you want. We also take pride in delivering high-quality installations and services to our thousands of clients, including after-sale support, as we consider creating a long-lasting relationship with you one of our vital tasks. Don’t hesitate to contact us as we are committed to creating lighting solutions that stand out.

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Banquet Hall

A banquet hall is a room or a building that is specifically designed to hold a banquet, party, wedding, or any other social event. These types of halls are usually found within restaurants, hotels, and even pubs. Not all banquet halls are created the same, as they vary in sizes, shapes, and even the capacity of people that they can accommodate. It’s highly important that you make sure that you have the best lighting designed by professionals such as Acue Express for your lighting & LED lighting needs.For an event to be successful, you have to hire the best banquet hall, which suits the needs of your guests. Moreover, finding the best banquet hall means that you will have to look into the basic essential and match them with your needs. If the essentials work well for you then you are good to go. Some of the key factors to look for in a banquet hall include the following. 

  1. Capacity

This is the main factor to consider before settling for a banquet hall. As simple as this may sound, the process might break you. You have to determine if the available space can serve your guests perfectly. The success of your event entirely depends on the capacity that the banquet hall can accommodate. One slight mistake and you choose a small hall will make your guests uncomfortable and unsatisfied at the end of the day. Also, if you decide to choose an extremely big banquet hall, your guests will not be at ease, and they may end up not enjoying the party. 

To be on the safer side, have a list of the number of your guests who will be attending the occasion. Then when looking for a room, ensure that you choose one that fits your guests, or one that gives a small allowance, just in case you decide to have additional guests. However, if you feel that you are in doubt about the size of the hall that you want, you can always settle with the larger hall.

  1. Location

Choosing a location that is the most convenient and suits your guest is the right path to follow. In addition to that, the location should be appealing to the guests that you hope to attract. For instance, if your event is to take place on a weekend when everyone is not at work, try and select a location, with a clear view of the sunset, or at the rooftop of a lounge. Pick a spot that is direct and easy to get to. Ensure that the location that you are settling for suits the event that you are holding.

Consequently, some people find venues that are outskirts the town very appealing. However, before you settle on choosing this location, you should consider your guests and find out if they can easily locate that destination. Some of the questions that you may ask yourself include the following.

  • Is the location too far that the guests will think twice before accepting your invitation?
  • Is it in a neighborhood that some of the guests would prefer to avoid?
  • Is the banquet hall difficult to locate when your guests reach the destination?
  • Does the location favor some guests and not all your guests?

Most locations that are outskirts of town tend to be fair in price. However, it is not a good idea to choose a location that people will have to spend extra money to come to your event. Therefore, choose a centrally located point, where everyone will be comfortable with, and your guests will forever remember the occasion. Some of the key things that you can look into when choosing a suitable location include the following.

  • Size

The number of your guests will determine the location that you will choose. This is to say that the selected space has to accommodate all your guests, whether it is a few employees or a large number of guests.

  • Travel or Distance

Put into consideration the places where your guests are traveling from. Are your guests coming from across the neighborhood or from different countries? Once you have the answer to this question, you will settle for a location that will suit the needs of your guests. Some venues cater to both local and international guests, while providing the, with accommodation too. If your guests are coming from outside the country, it is important that you select a location that is close to the airport. This will make it easier for the guests to get to and from your event with ease.

  1. Interiors

The interior decors of your banquet hall should be modern and well-cared for. The next step that you will take is to decorate your hall to suit the event. The main aim of choosing the best interior design is to improve the experience of the user. The interior design of the banquet hall should aim at improving the user experience, manage the space, and provide pleasing but efficient solutions for better use of the space in question. Also, if you are planning on having a high profile event, you should focus more on the positive energy and do away with any kind of negative publicity. Again remember the LED Lighting Ideas are very important!

  1. Amenities

It is everyone's wish that his or her guests get the most out of the event. Different amenities are needed to make an event successful. For instance, corporate meeting spaces offer minimal supplies to an event. Most of the things that are needed in this case are tables, chairs, and executive boardrooms. In addition to that, ensure that your location has access to modern technology such as a strong Wi-Fi connection, and video conferencing equipment. Furthermore, the amenities that you will provide will depend on the time of the day of your event. Your guests will need refreshments and food.

It is in the nature of venue owners to provide basic amenities to its guests. Other amenities include decorations and charging pots. This is important in that you will not run out of battery charge when you want to capture beautiful moments with your camera of the phone. You will forever have beautiful memories of that day in a picture. In addition to that, ensure that the venue has enough parking space and the washrooms are clean and are handicap friendly.

When you chose a big hall for your guests, it is most likely that you will be provided with on-site catering. Take advantage of this treat when looking for a big banquet hall. Before settling with the inside caterers, you should first sample their wares and see if you are satisfied with it. If by any chance you are not happy with what you find, you can opt to hire other caterers from outside. Remember, you do not want this day to be miserable. It should be the day that all your guests will recall.

  1. Costs

Consider the cost incurred in booking the banquet hall, and ensure that it does not fall past your budget. There should be a balance between the price and what the venue has to offer. Do not pay more for a venue that is not pleasing and beautiful, because, at the end of the day, you will have spent more for less. Put your needs and the comfort of your guests into consideration before paying for the venue.

Types of Banquets

There are many types of banquet services that you might experience in an event. These services are mostly dependent on how big or small the event is, and what is entailed in the menu. One thing that should be put into consideration is that the plates that the service providers are offering should be easy to handle. This will cause less damage and in case of larger events, disposal plates are the best. Some of the services offered in a banquet include the following;

  • Buffet

This type of service is very common, especially in events with a huge number of people. A buffet gives the servers an easy time as they do not have to serve everyone. The guests pass through the buffet line, which has a variety of food choices and serve any food of their choice. The buffet line is usually far from where the seating area is located. This self-service allows the guests to choose what they want to eat and the quantity which is best for them. After serving, they return to their tables and eat from there. Drinks and other refreshments are usually served and refilled by the attendants.

  • Reception

This service is similar to that of the buffet. Foods and appetizers are laid out in the same arrangement as the buffet style, where the guests serve themselves. People move freely around the room as they eat and chat.

  • Food Stations

In food stations, there are a variety of foods that are offered to the guests. Most of the time, food stations are manned by chefs who are preparing the food in front of the guests. Some of the popular choices and courses offered in this station include pasta, meat carvings, desserts, and sushi stations.

  • Cafeteria-style

This type of banquet service is somehow similar to the buffet style. Guests stand in the buffet line to choose their food. However, the only difference with the buffet style is that in the cafeteria-style, the chefs are the ones who are serving the guests. Most people or event holders prefer this type of service because it is economical since the quantity of food served is determined by the servers.

  • Plated

This is the most common type of service that is used in big events. Guests remain seated at their tables and the servers walk around, taking orders from the guests. You are asked the type of food that you want, whether it is beef, chicken, or vegetables, and the plates are sorted by those various requests. In large events such as weddings, many people adopt this method of service.

  • Family-style

In this type of service, different types of foods are brought to the table. Guests then serve themselves as they pass the bowls to the other people in their tables to serve to.

Tips on How to Increase Banquet Sales

Banquet hall owners are at a greater advantage when people book their spaces to hold their events. Some of the most successful banquet hall owners have laid out strategies on how to increase their sales. If you are a banquet hall owner and you want to increase your sales, you can follow the tips below and see how improved your business is going to be.

  • Highlight what makes your space outstanding

Many people have banquet halls, but not everyone is successful in this business. The main way of being successful in this business is to highlight what makes your business different from the others. The uniqueness is what everyone is looking for.

  • Motivate your clients

You can start doing this by sending emails to your customers who book with you every year, urging them to do the same this year. Customers form an integral part of a business. Once your customers feel appreciated, they will keep ordering your service. You can offer to give them a bottle of champagne as a form of appreciation.

  • Show off your menus

Before booking a banquet hall, people always consider the different types of menus that are being offered in that space. Your menus should be outstanding but not complicated. People like having what they are familiar with, you can just add a few new meals to your menu.

  • Make your booking process easy

No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to book for a banquet hall. Make the process as easy as possible to give your clients an easy time.

In conclusion, banquet halls are convenient for holding both small and large gatherings. Before settling for a banquet hall, ensure that space can accommodate all your guests. It should not accommodate the exact number of your guests. Give a small allowance just in case other people tag along. Choose what best suits the needs of your guests and put their comfort first. It is the only way they will forever remember your event.