Masterfully engineered wooden speakers with remarkable audio performance and extended versatility for professional audio applications.

Raise the bar of performance
-NXL modular line-source active speaker systems are specifically designed for rental companies, professional DJs, and musicians but also intended for permanent installation. Their sleek and innovative design commands an incredible size-to-power ratio, featuring powerful amplifiers, full onboard DSP, and a complete set of rigging accessories.
Multiple configurations
-The vertically asymmetrical waveguide’s design delivers accurate sound to the coverage area without tilting the enclosure.
-The woofers’ vertical configuration takes inspiration from line array technology for hemicylindrical coverage.
-It’s easy to set up, and the flyware accessories allow multiple speaker configurations in line for extended coverage both flying or stacking. The sturdy, ergonomic cabinets are easy to move with several handle positions.
Engage your audience
-Based on RCF precision transducers and wooden cabinets, the NXL Series is the RCF’s most flexible active speaker system when the need for deploying high-power and pristine sound for live events is required. With its streamlined design and small footprint, the NXL Series provides a powerful sound system when the space for speakers is limited.
All in one solution
-Designed as the ideal sound system for the day-to-day live event, the NXL Series packs a variety of features for professional users. With the best size to power ratio in its class, advanced DSP, and equipped with multiple rigging points, the NXL Series is a solid and reliable choice. RCF products represent the 70-year commitment to excellence in manufacturing, precise and careful assembly, and extensive quality control procedures.