The Acue Lighting wireless DMX transmitter system is an easy solution for sending DMX signals wirelessly up to 1000′. Ever imagine the need to eliminate the need for running long main line input or output cables? Look no further, our wireless transmitters will provide effortless connection between senders and receivers with up to 16 different frequency groupings. All of our wireless devices work in conjunction with each other allowing for seamless operation between lighting fixtures with already built in wireless DMX devices as well as our wireless DMX distribution products.



Wireless Frequency2.4GHz
Universe / Frequency16 different universes / frequencies
DMX ConnectivityDMX 512  interface 3-pin Female XLR connector
DisplayDigital Display
Input VoltageAC100-240V, 50-60HZ
Transmit RangeLine-of-sight range of up to 1000′