Acue’s Pixel Art 16 is an electronic device used to control LED pixel lights or strips that use either the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) or DMX (Digital Multiplex) protocol. The device receives control signals via an Artnet network protocol, used in the entertainment industry for controlling stage lighting and other effects.

This controller is capable of controlling up to 16 channels(universes) of LED pixel lights or strips, and can operate with a power supply voltage range of DC5V-24V. The controller receives data via the Artnet protocol and converts it into SPI or DMX signals, which are then sent to the connected LED lights or strips. The controller features an Ethernet input, SPI/DMX output, and a power input.

This type of controller is often used in applications such as stage productions, architectural lighting, and commercial displays, where precise control of LED pixel lights or strips is necessary. The Artnet protocol allows for the control of multiple devices from a single source, making it a powerful tool for lighting designers and technicians. The 16 channels (universes) of control provided by the controller allow for the creation of complex lighting effects and animations, making it a versatile tool for creating dynamic lighting displays.


VoltageDC5-24 Volts
DMX ControlArtnet to DMX converter/adapter
Control ModesCompatible with WS2811 and other popular IC chip protocols. Controls up to 340 RGB pixels per output.
Output16 Universes of independent DMX output