Phoenix Tube 360


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This fixture utilizes full color RGB LED as it's main or secondary light source.

Unilateral Unlimited Rotation

This fixture has unlimited unilateral rotation.

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The Phoenix Tube 360 LED is a lighting fixture that incorporates 2 different elements into 1. The Tube itself emits light in all directions, providing a 360-degree coverage. It is a cylindrical-shaped light that uses LED technology, which is known for its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low heat emission. The second element is the ability to rotate the tube in either direction continuously using the specially designed motor.

The Phoenix Tube 360 LED is often used in various applications such as architectural lighting displays and stage lighting. It can be used to create ambient lighting, accent lighting, and even dynamic lighting effects.

Some of the features of the Phoenix Tube 360 LED include its high brightness and pixel controllable LED light tube and its DMX compatibility for control and programming. It is also a durable and very versatile fixture which can be grouped together with more fixtures to create very unique lighting designs.

Overall, the Phoenix Tube 360 LED is a versatile and efficient lighting solution that can be used in a variety of settings to create a stunning visual impact.

The Phoenix Tube 360 is available in 3 sizes: 1M, 1.2M, & 1.5M.




Light Source

1.0M – 24 Pixels (144*0.25W RGB LED’s) , 1.2M – 30 Pixels (180*0.25W RGB LED’s), 1.5M – 36 pixels (216*0.25W RGB LEDs)

Operating ModesDMX &  ARTNET (MAD-SHOW & MADRIX compatible)
DMX Channels1M – 78 DMX Channels, 1.2M – 96 DMX Channels, 1.5M – 114 DMX Channels
Dimmer0-100% Linear dimmer control by DMX or Artnet
Motor RotationUnlimited rotation in either direction
Input VoltageAC 100-240V/50-60Hz to 24V transformer built in
Total Power Draw50 Watts
IP RatingIP 19 Indoor use rated
Viewing Angle360˚ (viewable from all angles)
MountingMultiple mounting options. Pedestal included.
Max Fixtures Per Controller Output (Universe)1M (6), 1.2M (5), 1.5M (4) (Power + Artnet Controller Sold Separately)

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1.2M, 1M, 1.5M

Phoenix Tube 360