Now you can substantially increase the scan field of your laser projector using the DiscoScan Lens!

The DiscoScan 2.0 Lens allows you to turn your laser projector into an “electronic mirror ball” able to scan anywhere is a 360° circle. Conventional laser

projectors are limited, and at most they can scan at around 60° at a time. This patented DiscoScan Lens technology allows you to scan anywhere in a complete circle,

360° around, all at once. So a single laser projector, can cover a much wider projection area. No other device can produce the kinds of effects possible, with

the DiscoScan 2.0 Lens.

Pangolin also offers a full line of DiscoScan compatible projectors. Visit LASERSHOWPROJECTOR.COM to see these.

Product Overview

The DiscoScan 2.0 Lens is a “electronic mirror ball” for your laser projector and allows a single projector to cover a much wider projection area. If you want to

increase your scan-angle, and project beams across a 180° x 360° area, the DiscoScan is the answer.

In a disco or nightclub, you often want beams to fill the all of the space, but it is sometimes difficult to do, with traditional lasers on the market. The DiscoScan

2.0 is a super-wideangle lens designed specifically for laser projectors. Using the DiscoScan Lens, laser beams can go anywhere in a 360° hemisphere.

For example, put a DiscoScan-equipped projector near the center of your lighting rig, pointed straight down at the dance floor and beams will hit all four walls,

as well as every corner of the floor. You can also do graphics, text, logos and more with the DiscoScan 2.0 Lens.

Just imagine the name of your disco or the evening’s DJ, projected on the floor along with an array of beams!

Please see manufacturer’s product page for more information HERE.