-The NX 9 series is masterfully engineered to deliver stellar audio performances for solo musicians, bands, and DJs.
-The new bi-amplified 2100 W electroacoustic design provides impressive sound pressure levels, when used in open-air and at long distances, with remarkable sound quality. The combination of purpose-designed transducers, advanced DSP processing, and a constant directivity waveguide produces coherent coverage on the listening area with distortion-free sound. NX 9 Series includes RCF exclusive FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control algorithms, perfectly tuned for each model, and delivers absolute clarity for vocal reproduction and deep, powerful bass response. RCF durability and reliability are always built-in. The tour-ready, rugged all-wood cabinet is easy to carry and can be pole-, flown-, wall-, or truss-mounted using the multiple rigging points available.
-The most powerful amplifier in its class. RCF’s improvements in transducer design make them stronger and powerful, so the amplifier follows the evolution. With 2100W power, the 2-channel NX 9 Class-D amplifier is 50% more powerful than previous models, able to manage extreme sound pressure levels with an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat loss. NX 9 is energy-efficient so there’s no need for a cooling fan – the amplifier is attached to a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the rear of the cabinet – with no moving parts. The input circuit features a new low distortion design with an advanced safety limiter, maintaining the true character of the input signal at all levels. All NX 9 amplifiers are designed according to EN62368-1 for maximum safety and present a Switch Mode Power Supply section joining high-efficiency with minimum weight.
-NX 9 can operate as either the main system or as a floor monitor. This flexibility makes it a smart choice for a wide range of live sound applications. The rugged all-wood cabinet is easy to carry, thanks to handles on both sides (one on top for NX 910-A). The lower side includes a steel pole socket for mounting on a stand or a subwoofer pole. Each model can also be flown, wall- or truss-mounted using the six included M10 rigging points and special accessories. From the wood cabinet to the final texture and the rugged protective grille, NX 9 offers maximum strength for intensive use on the road and can be used for fixed installation.