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LED Light Source

This fixture uses an LED as it's light source


This fixture utilizes full color RGB LED as it's main or secondary light source.

Cool White

This fixture utilizes a Cool White LED as its main or secondary light source


This fixture is capable of controlling pixels individually.


This fixture features precise zooming capabilities.

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The Mega Wash 7 LED is a full function professional moving head wash fixture.

As the name implies, this wash light fixture adds soft edges on the light beam which help to easily cover a large area with light. The Mega Wash 7 has 7x40W Osram RGBW LEDs.  These fixtures are excellent for evenly lighting up large areas such as stages, dance floors, and event spaces.  The Mega Wash 7 is also equipped with a zoomable front lens option which allows for the light beam to be zoomed from a tight beam angle of 9˚ to a brilliant wash angle of 50˚.  In addition to all this, we have added the capability of individual pixel control which adds an extra dimension to your light show.

The Mega Wash 7 is a type of lighting fixture commonly used in stage performances, concerts, and other live events. It is designed to produce a broad wash of color across a large area, making it ideal for creating ambient lighting, highlighting performers, or accenting other stage elements. Overall, the Mega Wash 7 is a versatile and popular lighting fixture that can be used in a wide range of stage and performance settings to create vibrant, dynamic lighting effects.

• The Mega Wash 7 is sold as a package only, which includes two fixtures and a flight case.


Light Source7*40W Osram RGBW LEDs
DMX Channels16, 26, 27, & 50 channel modes
Pan/Tilt Control540˚ x 265˚ 16 bit control
Dimming0% – 100% Linear automatic dimming
Shutter3 Shutter modes. Strobe, Pulse, & Random Flash
Zoom Range9˚- 50˚
DMX Input3 & 5 pin DMX input/output, (5 pin optional)
Power Input100-240V 50/60Hz Powercon input/output
Total Power Draw320W


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Mega Wash 7 Package