The Acue Infinity LED Video Wall Tiles are extremely versatile fixtures. The images they produce are sharp, bright and capable of displaying rich and vibrant color.

The Infinity LED Video Wall tiles are all front service magnetic module cabinets which are specially designed to be serviced from the front while the wall is built or in a service lab alike. No more need to tear down the whole wall last minute before the show to replace power supplies or modules. The rear hub is also designed to be fully replaceable without the need to connect or disconnect any wires.

We have tried very hard to remove all wires (points of failure) inside the cabinets therefor allowing for longer periods of operation without having to be serviced. The custom designed hub & module combination for the Titan LED Video walls is designed to take all modules in all locations resulting in less of a need for spare modules.

The Infinity LED Video Wall Tiles are available in many different configurations as well as pixel pitch sizes ranging from standard and tall cabinets to indoor and outdoor versions. (see chart for comparison)

Acue Visual Systems video walls are used in a wide range of applications, including advertising, sports events, concerts, trade shows, and more. They are highly customizable and can be configured to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. These video walls are known for their superior image quality, high refresh rates, and seamless image processing capabilities.

The Titian and Infinity series modules are controlled by Novastar’s proprietary video processing software, which allows for seamless image and video playback across the entire video wall.

  • Sold as a package of 8 panels and 1 roadcase case.
  • These panels require special shipping, please contact us for orders.