Halo Beam 300 Package



LED Light Source

This fixture uses an LED as it's light source


This fixture has a unique halo fx ring.



This fixture features a double prism.


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The Halo Beam 300 is a new type of hybrid fixture which incorporates the main light source for high output effects as well as a new “HALO” effect which incorporates low output RGB LEDs to create a “eye candy” type effect. The eye candy HALO effect is used to create unique effects even when the main light source is turned off or dimmed. The user has the ability to choose from the multiple macro effects built into the fixture or solid colors for the halo to get the effect they desire. The halo effect has separate control from the main light source giving the user more control of the fixture.

The Halo Beam 300 also has a dual prism function which allows each prism to be inserted and rotted separately or in conjunction of each other to create brilliant breakout patterns. This fixture also comes equipped with a rainbow color filter allowing the prisms to be split into multiple different colors.

All these functions listed above are in addition to what a traditional beam fixture has to offer. The Halo Beam 300 also has 10 colors plus white as well as 18 gobos plus open. These gobos also include multiple beam resizers allowing the user to get smaller beams than its already narrow 1.6˚ beam angle.

The Halo Beam 300 can be controlled manually from the display or by using DMX via the built in 3 pin XLR in/out connectors. This fixture has multiple DMX channel modes to choose from as well . It is suitable for various types of uses such as concerts, theaters, studios, nightclubs, bars and other like environments.

The Halo Beam 300 is sold as a package of 2 fixtures including a custom made dual road case which houses 2 fixtures and all accessories. (accessories sold seperately)

Input VoltageAC110V-240V, 50/60Hz
Max Power Draw300W
Main Light Source1 X 150W White LED rated for 50000 hours 7500K LED
LED RING Light Source48 pcs of 0.2W RGB 3IN1 LEDs
Color Wheel10 colors + open
Gobo Wheel18 gobos + open
Prism2 indexing and rotating prisms that can be layered to achieve a 3rd prism.
Channels18 CH
OperationDMX512, Sound, Auto, Master-slave
Dimmer0~100% linear dimmer
Pan Move540°
Tilt Move270°
Beam Angle1.6 °
Fixture size33 x 21 x 48cm
Fixture Net Weight13.5 KG

Additional information

Weight94 lbs
Dimensions24 × 15 × 28 in

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Halo Beam 300 Package