Compact Class-D amplifiers equipped with a powerful DSP platform and remote control, ideal for a wide range of install applications.

Full on-board processing

Equipped with a powerful DSP platform, DMA units integrate RCF advanced proprietary technologies, conceived to optimize speaker performance:

  • FiRPHASE – FiR filtering technology
  • BASS ENHANCER, a sophisticated algorithm that increases low frequencies perception.
Processing features
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Easy and flexible configuration
The configuration is a key point for the success of sound reinforcement systems: it’s easy and flexible for any kind of user, from the less to the more skilled one. DMA amplifiers offer different configuration levels, from user-friendly front panel control interface to RDNet, for large and complex systems.

Speakers presets
Processing functions are combined in a highly distinctive feature, SPEAKERS PRESETS, pre-loaded equalization packages optimizing the performance of any RCF speaker. Just select the speakers connected to the amplifier to automatically get the right RCF signature sound.

Scalable architecture
To fit with any installation need, DMA amplifiers have been designed with a highly scalable architecture and each device can distribute 4 audio channels to satellite units. This allows increasing installed power and creating a multi-room architecture. The connection can be done with just 1 CAT5e cable. Each satellite unit can be differently set using the DIP-SWITCH on the rear panel to receive the desired channels.

Robust and attractive design
Thanks to their attractive design, extremely compact size and environmental robustness, DMA represent a junction point between professional and consumer markets.