The Acue Lighting 20R Mega Beam Moving Head is our flagship beam moving light. The fixture features a 470w MSD 20R bulb as its light source (1200 hrs), CMY Color mixing, 14 colors/white, 14 gobo/open, 3 facet prism, mechanical linear dimmer, mechanical focus control, mechanical linear frost filter control and mechanical shutter control. Its CMY color engine gives the unit perfect color mixing capabilities. The Acue 20R Mega Beam Moving Head has become widely used in all large stage applications and permanent installations.


Light Source20R 440W 7800K Color Temp
Operating ModesDMX
DMX Channels24 & 28 Channel Modes 3-pin-DMX in/out connectors
Dimmer0-100% Linear dimming control by DMX
ShutterShutter strobe adjustable by DMX
Color WheelFULL CMY Flag Control System along with a 14 Color Glass color wheel
Gobo Wheel2 gobo wheels. 1 static gobo wheel with 18 gobos + open. 1 Rotating gobo wheel with 6 rotating gobos + open.
Prism2 Rotating Prisms. 1×8 facet and 1×6 facet rotating prisms
Frost0-100% Linear frost filter adjustment
FocusElectronic focus adjustment by DMX
Total Power Draw670 Watts
Input Voltage110-220V AC 50/60hz Power-Con power input connection.