Light Board Operator

Light board operators who are often just called a Board op and light op, or even lighting software engineer, are the people who are considered to be circuit repairmen who will work on or even program the lighting boards. Contingent upon the scale and kind of creation, the board operation might be in charge of ordinary or robotized illumination apparatuses, and in addition practical’s and, in a few occurrences, controlling video also.

There will be times that the most general in the types of small productions that these will be the people that will also be considered to be the stage manager. They may also play different roles in even smaller productions and they take on the duties for the sound administrator and board op, however those are normally combined into being a single position. When it comes to these little productions, every type of these three positions will be completed using a single person. For those productions where sound and illumination are needed and completed by a single individual, as well as the preparations on how sound should be precisely coordinated with the lights, it is not all that uncommon to start utilizing Timecode or SMPTE Time Coding, MIDI Show Control also called MSC, or even OSC which stands for Open Sound Control in order to completely synchronize the sound, lighting and video systems.

These types of people may, now and again, likewise be the originator for a complete production or multiple productions at once.

The operator has numerous duties in theater, particularly in little creations. For little preparations, this type of operation may likewise be the illumination architect and ace circuit tester, and is hence required to make a illumination plot, and play out an entire production when in the role of being the complete operator. However, in certain expert conditions, these people are going to be a very particular type of expert who will often be knowledgeable about the various complexities of a lot of assortments of types of illumination equipment as well as the control systems, and they are often ready to effortlessly program various complex lighting areas which include a variety of different things and different segments.

It is during the specialized practices that these people will more often than not start programming a complete system with some help from a stage manager and even lighting specialist. However, there are circumstances where there will be a type of manual sheet that will be utilized, and they will work with the designer and manager to completely plan all of the changes that need to be made during a production.

When it comes to the execution of these plans, the person will often be on a headset with the stage manager as well as other different individuals from the production group. Their obligation lies fundamentally in propelling the signals under the course of the preplanned arrangement. It is essential that these types of people be completely comfortable with the plan as they may have asked to make last minute changes in order to fit with any unforeseen conditions that can happen during any type of production.