The Acue Volcano LED is a compact, yet powerful, fog machine capable of shooting vertical plumes of fog up to 8 meters high. It uses a water based, polypropylene glycol mixture in a 2.5L capacity tank. It is DMX controllable (DMX512) and has a speedy heat up time. It’s compact size makes the Volcano easily transportable as well. This version of the Volcano has 6x3W RGBW LEDs and includes a remote that has four buttons for red, green, blue and color presets.


Input Voltage:AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
DMX:DMX512, Wireless Controller
Light Source6x3W RGBW LEDs
Heat Up Time:3.5 min
Jet Distance:~8 Meters
Fog Coverage:20,000cu ft/min
Tank Capacity:2.5L