Have you ever wondered what is the easiest way to cover your up-lights?

Well no need to wonder much longer. Introducing the easiest and most compact up-light shield solution… “The Uplight Shield”

The Uplight Shield is designed to be extremely effective yet also very compact and easy to transport using the included padded carrying case. The Uplight Shields are sold as a package of 8 shields including the padded carrying case.

This package of 8 Uplight Shields provides you enough shields to use with a whole case of our Magic 6/4 wireless LED up-lights (sold separately) or any other LED up-light or par light.

The Uplight Shield allows you to create a very professional setup for weddings or corporate events. The applications of the Uplight Shield are as endless as your imagination.

The Uplight Shield is constructed of high-quality PVC plastic and is available in both black and white finishes. Because the plastic itself is colored the Uplight Shields are less susceptible to scratching easily or showing visible wear from long term use.


*LED fixtures shown are for demonstration purposes only and not included*

*Uplight Shield is sold as a package of 8 shields including padded carrying case”


Build Material

Flexible and Colored PVC

Available ColorsBlack & White
Included Carrying CasePackage comes with 1 padded carrying case
Package QuantityPackage includes 8 Uplight Shields with carrying case