Profile 200 Retrofit


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LED Light Source

This fixture uses an LED as it's light source

Warm White

This fixture utilizes a Warm White LED as its main or secondary light source

Special Order

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The Profile 200 Retrofit is an LED retrofit kit designed to replace the traditional incandescent lamp in Leko Profile Fixtures. This allows for a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting solution with longer lamp life and lower maintenance costs.

The Profile 200 Retrofit kit includes a high-powered LED module, a heat sink, and a power supply, which can easily be installed on the fixture.

The LED module in the The Profile 200 Retrofit has a high color rendering index (CRI) and produces a bright, even light output with minimal heat generation. This makes it ideal for use in theatre, film, and live event productions where precise and efficient lighting control is important.

Overall, the Profile 200 Retrofit is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for upgrading traditional Leko Profile fixtures to modern LED technology.

Light Source175W COB LED 3200K
DMX Channels1 Channel Mode
Total Power Draw200W
Input Voltage100-240V AC 50/60hz
Power I/OPowerCon In/Out, Linkable
Available Lens AnglesN/A
Operating ModesDMX, Auto, Manually through built-in display
DMX Input 3-pin XLR connectors In/Out
Dimmer0-100% Linear Dimming Control
Profile 200 Retrofit