Pangolin’s Professional Audience Safety System (PASS) is a patented system that can be integrated into a laser projector, for audience scanning certification. When

used with the proper projector integration and show production techniques, PASS assists in maintaining the safety of Audience Scanning laser light shows.

For clients that are located in the US, UK, Australia and other countries where audience scanning safety regulations are strictly enforced, PASS is a great tool to assist

in maintaining the safety of your audience scanning laser light shows.

Certain approved laser projector manufacturers are authorized to integrate PASS. Contact Pangolin for details, on who is an approved PASS integrator.

If you are interested in purchasing PASS, or if you are interested in buying a laser which has PASS integrated and can be approved for audience

scanning, please contact Pangolin directly. PASS is not available for direct purchase via this online store.

Product Overview

Pangolin also offers a full line of audience scanning laser projectors with PASS already integrated, at

If you are looking to perform audience scanning in an area where it is regulated, working with Pangolin to obtain an audience scanning projector is generally one

of the easiest way to proceed.

*PASS received the 2007 first place ILDA Fenning Award for Technical Achievement.

*In 2010, PASS was granted a US Patent, and in 2011 it was granted an Australian Patent. Other international patents are currently pending.

If you are a laser projector manufacturer and interested in becoming a certified PASS integrator, please contact us directly as well. We have a certification and

training course that you can take which will teach you how to correctly integrate this hardware into your existing laser projector designs.

PASS is significantly more advanced than simple “scan-fail” products on the market. PASS is barely bigger than a credit card, and yet it includes a set of very

sophisticated and complete projector monitoring systems. PASS is designed with multiple levels of redundancy and with circuitry that is designed to fail-safe.

In fact PASS is designed to maintain safety even in the face of several simultaneous failures.

PASS went through ten years of research and development, followed by two years of U.S. government evaluation. The result is that PASS is now recognized both

in the U.S. and throughout the world as a solid safety system for Audience Scanning.

Please see manufacturer’s product page for more information HERE.