Kvant Berry Lite Cluster

Compact in size, being a fully equipped 5W full-colour RGB laser display system with build-in 3W LED blinder – that’s Kvant Berry Lite. A pack made of six Berries Lite offers more than 200.000 points-per-second drawing capability – that’s at 8 degrees projection angle and 20 frames per second performed. And being virtually a single unit makes the handling extremely easy and practical because you don’t have to worry about the misalignment between the projectors once they are set up – even if moved afterwards.

Just imagine what you could do with over 200.000 points per second; how complex the content could be with absolutely no flicker when projected. The Berry Lite offers endless creative possibilities and easy control when designing challenging laser effects. Because it is intended to be operated mainly via Artnet or DMX, we see it ultimately as the product of choice for every lighting designer.One of the key features that a cluster of Berries Lite will give its user is phenomenal graphical performance.

Package includes:

  • Six Berry Lite
  • Heavy-duty flight case
  • Hanging brackets
  • Mains cables
  • Ethernet cables
  • E-stop with inbuilt XLR cable
  • Interlock [US only]
  • Safety keys
  • USB drive with manual
  • QC certificate

Included in Standard set:

Heavy-duty fligh case, 1.5M power lead, 1M AC jumper cables, 10M Ethernet rj45 signal cable, 1M Ethernet rj45 signal cables, E-STOP remote with 10M 3-pin XLR cable, 1M 3-pin XLR cables, safety keys, interlock connectors [for the USA only], USB memory stick with the user manual, QC certificates. Pangolin QuickShow laser control and creation software is available for FREE download.

Please see manufacturer’s product page for more information HERE.

Source | Type:Semiconductor laser diode [FAC] | Full-colour RGB laser projector/Lighting fixture
Suitability:Indoor/Outdoor laser displays [atmospheric, abstract, text, animations]
System control:FB4-STD [Ethernet, ArtNet | PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay]
Compliant with:EN 60825-1 [tested by TÜV SÜD], FDA
Guaranteed opt. output [W]:36 [per 6-unit cluster]
R | G | B [W]:1.4 | 2 | 3 [each sub-unit | *see note A below]
Wavelengths [nm, ±5nm]:638 | 525 | 445
Beam size [mm]:5×7
Beam divergence [mrad]:1.3 [full angle, averaged value, *see note B below]
Modulation [kHz] | type:100 | analogue
X-Y scanners:ScannerMAX 506 Compact | 210 Kpps @ 8°, max. 50° [per 6-unit cluster]
Power requirements [V] | Input:100-230/50-60Hz | Neutrik powerCON TRUE
Max. power consumption [VA]:200 [each sub-unit]
Operation temperature [°C]:10-35
HW features:All the basic system settings and adjustments such as power output adjustment for each colour, X & Y axes invert, X & Y size and position, etc. are managed via the software and built-in FB4 control interface.
Scanning system overload protection.
Star-burst laser effect [2nd aperture].
3W white LED blinder.
Laser safety features:Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock, scan-fail safety, fast electromechanical shutter [reaction time <20ms], adjustable aperture masking plate, Emergency STOP system with keyed remote and manual RESTART button.
note ADue to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in Kvant systems, the real power output of each laser module installed within the system may slightly differ from its specification. This doesn’t affect the total guaranteed power output of the system.
note BThe beam divergence total is calculated as an average arithmetic value of all individual colours. The divergence of each colour is calculated as:
1. FWHM of the beam cross-section for round beams, or
2. The arithmetic average of the beam’s horizontal and vertical divergence for all rectangular beams.