Kvant Architect W400B

The new 2nd generation of Architect high-power static-beam lasers (sometimes called sky lasers or landmark lasers) is our reaction to globally

increasing demand for super bright lasers. These are great for highlighting significant landmarks, structures and buildings.

The beam coming out of the Architect systems draws attention from many miles away. It adds a great deal of sublimity to already majestic nature-made,

or human-made objects, making them even more unique, appealing and desirable.

The Architect Sky Lasers will pinpoint any place sky-high – literally! Making that location distinct from very far away, from every direction and to all.

Package includes:

  • Laser project
  • Chiller with Hoses
  • Mains cable
  • Control Signal Cable
  • E-stop with XLR cable
  • 0-5 Volt RBG controller
  • Safety keys
  • USB drive with manual
  • QC certificate

Please see manufacturer’s product page for more information HERE.

Source | Type:Semiconductor laser diode | Full-colour RGB static-beam laser projector/Sky laser
Suitability:Architectural outdoor installations | Landmark and Sky illumination
System control:Analog 0-5 Volts or DMX
Compliant with:EN 60825-1
Ingress Protection rating:IP65
Guaranteed opt. output:400 watts
R | G | B [W]:114 | 188 | 110
Wavelengths [nm, ±5nm]:637 | 525 | 455
Beam size [mm]:220 x 380
Beam divergence [mrad]:0.9 mrad [full angle, **note]
Luminous flux [lm]:121,200
Beam divergence [mrad]:5 [full angle, averaged value]
Cooling:water + 15% glycol, 6-10 l per minute, 20 degrees Celsius
Dimming:0 – 100%
Max. power consumption [VA]:2200
Operation temperature [°C]:0-40
Recommended chiller model:SMC HRR030-A-20
Chiller power consumption [VA]:1600
Chiller size [WxHxD, mm]:483 x 686 x 399
Chiller weight [kg]:46