The Acue Truss Trigger Clamp with Omega Bracket clamps features a hook style design allowing for quick, safe, and sturdy fixture installations. The clamp has the ability to fold which allows most fixtures to be stored in their cases while keeping the clamps attached. The Omega Bracket measures 4 ¼” from center each mounting pin. It is designed to fit most professional moving heads with quick-lock omega brackets. The compact design lends itself well to cleaner looking rigs, as all fixtures will hang closer to the truss. This cuts down on visually exposed wiring and large gaps.

  • Please do not exceed the load capacity of any clamp or truss system. All clamps should be fully inspected before use. The clamps should not be used if there is any malfunctioning parts or damage. The use of correct suspending hardware must be used to properly utilize the capabilities of this clamp. Misuse of this clamp can result in damage or harm to people/items under or around suspension point.
  • All of our clamps are compatible with our G31, G32, G33, G34 G44 trusses, and most brand name truss products. They fit trussing tubes sized from 48mm – 50mm. All of our trussing products are TUV certified.


Max Weight220lbs (150kg)
UseHeavy Duty
Aluminum Alloy6061-T6