The 192 DMX Lighting Controller is lightweight and packs a whole lot of power into a small form factor. This controller has the ability to control 192 DMX channels and control 12 separate fixtures, outputting up to 16 channels of DMX for each fixture. The 192 DMX controller has the ability to program multiple scenes, chases, and shows. It has multiple banks for storage and playback. This controller also features a “blackout” button allowing all DMX signal sent from the controller to turn off with a touch of a button. This control board also features options for automatic scene playback with fade time and speed control, along with the ability to play back scenes and chases to audio using its built in microphone.


Total Channel Number192 channels
Max Controlled Channels16CH per fixture
DMX ConnectivityDMX 512 output interface 3-pin XLR connector
Max Scene Steps40 steps
Scene Hold Time1 – 1.25 seconds/step
Scene Speed Control0.1 – 25.5 seconds
Display MonitorLED
Input VoltageAC100-130V, 50-60HZ