Multipurpose two-way in-ceiling wall-mounted speakers with elegant design and premium music reproduction.

Two-way ceiling- and wall-mounted monitor speakers
-RCF introduces four new speakers to its Business Music Range. With two multipurpose two-way in-ceiling and two wall-mounted two-way speakers, RCF premium sound is now suitable for a wider range of applications. Thanks to their elegant, discreet design and accurate details, CMR and WMR speakers pair any building’s aesthetic. The high-quality transducers guarantee a faithful and precise music reproduction of the entire frequency band and provide impressive sound pressure levels inside a compact enclosure.
Smooth installation
-Housed in a compact enclosure, all models feature Euroblock inputs, a line transformer for 70V-100V systems, and quick and easy installation.
Each model provides easy access to the power selector and has accessory options to increase flexibility.
Improve the audio atmosphere
-Music nurtures engagement and hospitality inside any social or shopping environment. With a wide coverage angle, all speakers feature two transducers in a coaxial (CMR) or two-way configuration (WMR) with a bass-reflex cabinet design, ideal for both speech and music reproduction.
Multipurpose sound
-Combining modern design, on-board processing, and RCF sound quality to deliver an excellent audio experience.
The application range is extensive and varies from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and in general to any A/V application.