World-Class Processing & FX

It’s no secret that we have a passion – bordering on obsession – for crafting painstakingly faithful emulations of the most revered analogue outboard equipment.

These processing and FX emulations are relied on by some of the best engineers in the business, and dLive puts them right under your fingertips.


Trusted by platinum-selling artists on sellout tours, DEEP puts incredible emulations directly within dLive’s input and mix channels with zero latency. No burning FX slots, no 3rd party gear hassles and no issues with latency or phase coherency.

And we’re not resting on our laurels. With new DEEP models added in major firmware updates, our collection of studio-grade emulations keeps growing.


Dyn8 is a powerful and sophisticated processor boasting 4 bands of dynamic EQ and 4 bands of multiband compression. With endless applications including taming vocals, tightening sub-groups or adding sonic glue to a mix, Dyn8 changes the way we think about dynamic processing. dLive includes 64 Dyn8 engines for inserting on Input and Mix channels.

RackExtra FX

The RackExtra FX portfolio combines the pristine quality and wide choice offered by boutique plug-ins with the convenience and low latency of onboard processing. Access our proven library of reverb, delay and modulator algorithms in dLive, with 16 FX slots available, each with a dedicated stereo return.

Dynamic Processing



Dyn8 is a powerful and sophisticated processor boasting 4 bands of dynamic EQ and 4 bands of multiband compression. With endless applications including taming vocals, tightening sub-groups or adding sonic glue to a mix, Dyn8 changes the way we think about dynamic processing. dLive features 64 Dyn8 engines for inserting on Input and Mix channels.

DEEP Compressors

In addition to standard Peak and RMS compressors, DEEP delivers an arsenal of studio-grade compressor emulations – available on every channel and mix bus – with zero-latency.

Peak Limiter 76


Inspired by the legendary sound of two eras of one of the world’s most revered FET limiting amplifiers – Peak Limiter 76 captures a sound immediately recognisable from the last 50 years of classic studio recordings.



Inspired by a legendary tube-driven, electro-optical levelling amplifier, OptTronik’s smooth, musical ‘2A-style compression makes it the perfect match for many sources, including vocals and bass guitar.



Taking its sonic cues from the industry standard compressor limiter found in every live and studio rack, 16T produces tight, punchy compression with a character that is immediately recognisable.



Inspired by the performance and character of a legendary solid-state VCA compressor, the 16VU captures the spirit of this classic sound and serves it up within your dLive.



Inspired by a classic transistor array VCA dynamics processor, the Mighty puts aggressive compression with a unique character inside your dLive.


Bus Compressor

Bus brings the sound of a fabled VCA bus compressor into your dLive. Perfect for adding sonic cohesion and glue to your mix and sub-groups.



What happens when you take the characteristics of a rack-full of highly desirable optical compressors and combine them into one killer unit? You get the Opto.

Ben Hammond takes you through DEEP Compressors for dLive


DEEP Expanders

Expanders are a valuable tool in every engineer’s toolbox, especially for reducing the risk of feedback when the vocalist ventures out in front of the mains. DEEP brings two flavours of expansion to all 128 input channels on dLive – and with zero latency.

Source Expander

Source Expander

Industry standard source expansion and enhancement. Source Expander makes it quick and easy to reduce bleed and increase gain-before-feedback.

Dual Threshold Expander


The ultimate expansion processor: Dual Threshold Expander is designed for the most challenging stage acoustics where expert control is required.

DEEP Preamps

100 years after their introduction to the world of audio, valves are still relied on daily by sound engineers all over the world for the vintage colour and euphonic distortion characteristics they impart upon audio signals.

Our DEEP preamp emulations deliver this classic sound straight into your channel strip, and without a glowing valve in sight.

Dual Stage Valve


Dual Stage Valve painstakingly models the behaviour of both pentode and triode topologies offering everything from a touch of warmth through to full-on valve crunch.

Tube Stage

Tube Stage

Tube Stage enables engineers to dial-in authentic tube character, from very subtle colouration to harmonic overdrive, quicker than ever before with six presets and a simplified control set.

RackExtra FX

Transient Controller


An accurate model of the industry-standard Transient Signal Processor, providing cut and boost of the attack and sustain envelopes of the input signal.



Emulates the classic Auto-Threshold circuit commonly found on high end hardware units.



A sub-harmonic synthesizer used to generate infra (lower than 36Hz) and sub bass (36-70Hz) from weaker bass programme.

SMR Live


A Spatial Modelling Reverberator featuring 4 fully configurable, complex spatial modes – Classic, Hall, Room and EMT.

Gated Reverb

Gated Verb

An accurate emulation of the traditional 80s gated reverb effect, plus ‘panned’ and ‘powerbox’ variants.

2 Tap Delay


Generate separate left and right delay from a mono source, each with its own tempo.

Bucket Brigade


An emulation of vintage delay units which relied on bucket brigade chips with inherent, yet desirable, signal degradation.

Stereo Tap Delay


A clean digital delay of up to 2.7s with control over input and feedback filters, delay width and switchable Scatter / Ping-Pong mode.



Faithfully models the classic tape echo including the many non-linear attributes of the original hardware.

ADT Doubler


Classic automatic double tracking effects: voice thickening, vintage slap back, tape delay loop emulation and more.



A fully stereo, pitch shifting doubler effect, generating the effect of additional voices from its input.

VS1 Vocal Shift

VS1 Vocal Shift

A fully stereo vocal pitch shifter, squeezing two channels of high quality pitchshifting into a single effect.



Classic analogue chorus effects from the 80’s using three stereo field emulations which can be combined to create even more variation.

Symphonic Chorus


A faithful emulation of this simple to use, frequently requested classic 80’s chorus.

Dimension Chorus

Dimension Chorus

 Inspired by a classic chorus based on bucket-brigade technology.

Electric Flange

Electric Flange

3 emulations of classic pedal flangers – subtle airy ‘Ambient’, classic silky ‘Vintage’, and a ‘Wild’ effect.

12 Stage Phaser


Emulation of classic 12-stage circuitry creating rich textured phasing.



 An extensive model of a classic rotary speaker unit.

Dynamic EQ


A model of the industry standard stereo 4 Band Dynamic Equaliser.



3 Band Compressor designed for applications where band isolation is second to phase distortion.



4 Band Compressor designed for use with high filter slopes in applications where band isolation for instrument compression is key.