The Acue Lighting 15R Beam is one of most powerful beam moving heads on the market. It has been called the “Mini Search Light”. The “Mini” is mostly for its size and not the strength of the beam. This fixture is widely used in outdoor applications and large arena shows where a long-throw is necessary without the loss of any light strength. The 15R Beam is powered by an extremely powerful 330W 15R bulb. It has a few unique features that set it aside from other beam fixtures including but, not limited to, its dual prism wheels (16 facet and linear) and a linear frost filter. When you need a powerful beam for your lighting rig, look no further than the Acue Lighting 15R Beam Moving Head.


IP RatingIP 20 (Indoor Use Only)
Light Source15R 330W YODN Bulb. 8000K Color temperature 2200 hours life. Phillips bulb also available
DMX Channels16 Channels
Pan / Tilt AnglesPan 540˚ (16bit), Tilt 270˚ (16bit)
Color Wheel9 colors+open
Gobo Wheel17 gobos+open with gobo shake
Prism1x 16 facet rotating prism and 1x linear prism
Frost0-100% Linear Frost filter
Shutter0.5-9f/s, roandom or pulse flash, speed adjustable, strobe macro function
Dimmer0-100% Linear mechanical dimmer
Beam Angle0% – 4% mechanical control
Total Power480W
Input VoltageAC 110-220V, 50/60Hz