The Acue Lighting 7R Beam Pro 230W Double Prism Moving Head is one step above other beam moving heads with its unique prism styles. It has an upgraded 24 facet round prism (regular is 8 facet) and an additional 7 facet linear prism. Put them together and you have a completely new 3D looking prism. The Acue 7R Beam Pro Moving Head Double Prism features a 230w MSD bulb as its light source (2000 hrs), 14 colors/white, 17 gobos/open, 1×24 facet round rotating prism and a 1×7 facet linear rotating prism. It also features a mechanical linear dimmer, mechanical focus control, mechanical linear frost filter control and mechanical shutter control. The Acue 7R Beam Double Prism Moving Head has become the number one used fixture for production and lighting company. It is a perfect choice for permanent installations and production rental applications.

  • The 7R Pro Double Prism is sold as a package only, this package includes 8 fixtures and 4 lights.