Our 3 Channel DMX Decoder 12-24Volt is designed for use with all of our LED strip models available that do not require SPI integration. It can be used as a stand-alone controller by utilizing its multiple built in modes or through DMX control.

Acue’s 3-channel DMX decoder is an electronic device that converts DMX signals into a control signal for three channel LED strips or other RGB fixtures. DMX is a digital communication protocol used to control stage lighting, effects, and other devices.

The 3-channel DMX decoder receives DMX signals from a DMX controller, such as a lighting console or software program, and converts them into analog signals that can control lighting fixtures or other devices that use three channels, such as RGB (red, green, blue) LED strips.

The decoder has a DMX input and output via 3-pin XLR connectors or the built in RJ45 connectors. The decoder can be controlled using dip switches to set the DMX address and also to select the different stand alone modes.

The 3-channel DMX decoder is a useful tool for lighting designers and technicians who need precise control over their lighting systems, as it allows them to control the intensity, color, and other features of multiple lighting fixtures with a single DMX signal.


VoltageDC12-24 Volts
DMX Control3 Pin DMX IN/OUT, RJ45 Link IN/OUT
IP LevelIP 19 (non-waterproof)
Power8 Amps per Channel x 3 Channels